American Standard Bathrooms

If you’re trying to look for information about American Standard, you don’t have to look anywhere for it. All you have to know about it is here, and this would save you the trouble of looking for it elsewhere. In this article you will learn briefly the history of the company and its origins. You would also learn a little about their products, especially the bathtubs which in my opinion, one of the best around. So after you read this article, you will have the sufficient amount of information about it and you can use that information anyway you please, and make sure that just in case you’re going to buy bathtubs, make sure you choose this brand over everything else, you won’t regret it, trust me. Now, it’s time for us to move on read and learn things about this brand.

The American Standard company actually came from two companies; the other company was Trane and this company. Both were famous for their innovative solutions to common problems and both started out from humble beginnings. Both companies withstood the Great Depression and it wasn’t able to stop them, but rather, they became more and more productive, eventually becoming leaders in the their respective fields. Up until today, if you hear the companies’ names, you would think quality and durability, for they have indeed been tested through time and consumers both in the past and of the present were all satisfied with what they have to offer.

American Standard was the first to produce and commercially distribute Bathtub Combination Faucets, the ones with the Hot and Cold options. They invented it and also made the Corrosion Resistant Brass Fittings as well as the one piece toilet. In 1984, companies merged, Trane was absorbed and together, after a few name changes, they made history in the field of household utility making. This led to the production and commercial sale of kitchen stuff and bathtubs. And if you are talking about bathtubs, American Standard is surely the champion of that field, creating high – quality bathtubs that would suit anyone who desires it. They have an extensive selection of bathtubs and bathtub types, especially the whirlpool bathtubs which are a luxurious sight to behold. The designs have also various options to choose from that would surely confuse into which would you pick but definitely there’s a design out there that would fit your needs and your existing interior design. The colors as well have loads of options to choose from: from the light ones and up to the vibrant – colored ones, name it, they have it.

American Standard and Trane both made names, starting from humble beginnings, jumping over every hurdle that they face, they became one and the company has proved itself over the years, making quality products that are long – lasting, reasonably priced and innovative. As long as the need arises, they would be up for the challenge, thinking about ways to sustain these needs, giving us both comfort and peace of mind when it comes to kitchen, bathroom, and air conditioning.