Bathroom Designs


Whether you like modern or vintage bathroom designs there is always something available for you with which to remodel or build your bathroom. People are enjoying the vintage furnishings and are returning to the old look in their bathrooms as well as the rest of their homes.






This Victorian bathroom has a vanity top that is quarried quartziteBathroom design - victorian from a local quarry and is flame cut. The vanity was specifically design to hold the weight of the quartzite and open slats show off the original wood floor.

Like the song says "Everything old is new again" and that can be seen in modern showrooms. Vintage bathroom designs are very much "in" so if you have a grandma that has an old fashioned bathroom, with new updated plumbing, she has a fashionable bathroom by today’s standards.

                                        Victorian style design

 This vintage master bath has all of the modern conveniences ofBathroom design vintage today with the claw foot tub and vintage faucets along with blue glass tiles on the walls and the shower stall. Tan stone countertops and oversized mother-of-pearl mirrors decorate the “his and her” vanities.




bathroom designs modern


Something for the gentleman, a very masculine bathroom setting. This bathroom, although not vintage, is in a Victorian home. It features modern fixtures, the lights are vintage, and most of all it boasts an exercise area.


chrome faucetThis chrome faucet is one of many used to decorate the more modern or traditional bathrooms and one of the few that has a price of less that one hundred dollars.





modern SPA bathroom designThis is a Jason hydrotherapy faucet for the modern SPA bathroom. It has a double cascade spout. This faucet can fill the tub and can be operated when the whirlpool bath pump is being used. The color is called ‘Bisquit.’










Most of the modern bathrooms today seem to be modern in their function only, but the fixtures and accessories seem to go back in time. Our pictures are intended to show some of the new and old designs that are being incorporated in bathrooms today. In fact, those people that have purchased older homes are remodeling their bathrooms to their original look although, with modern and updated plumbing.