Bathroom Fixtures

Common Bathroom Fixtures

Some people often neglect to organize their bathroom. However, bathrooms can reflect our own personalities. It is a place where we get cleaned up, but isn’t it ironic when that place itself is dirty? To help organize our bathrooms, there are some necessary fixtures. Among the bathroom fixtures are:
1. Faucets – We all know what a faucet is. I haven’t seen any bathroom with no faucets.

2. Sink – This goes hand in hand with faucets. I think it would be better to have a stainless sink. It’s easier to wash, and easier to maintain.

3. Toilet – In our country, toilet is placed on a different room. We call it the “Comfort Room”. Bathrooms are where we take a shower. New homes however, have their Comfort Rooms and Bathrooms as one. Therefore, the toilet becomes an essential bathroom fixture.

4. Tub – There’s nothing better than a warm bath in a tub. It can be fun if you don’t have a swimming pool.

5. Shower – We all need to take a bath everyday. A bathroom cannot be called a bathroom if there is no shower in it.

6. Lighting – We sometimes need to use the bathroom at night or when the day is cloudy. A bathroom always needs a good lighting. You cannot take a bath if you cannot see the water and your shirt.

7. Mirror – Vanity tool. We always try to look neat and clean inside a bathroom. A mirror serves as a tool to verify that we have succeeded in our goal – to become neat.

8. Exhaust Fan – combining the “Comfort Room” and the Bathroom can be quite disturbing especially when someone gets ahead of you in the toilet then you come following for a bath. You couldn’t bare the odor. An exhaust fan is perfect for this. It drives away bad odor from the bathroom.

9. Towel Bars – We have to put our dry clothes and towels somewhere so that they don’t go into shower with us.

10. Paper Holder – This is where the toilet paper goes in.

11. Soap Dishes – Soaps should have their proper places so that we can prevent unnecessary accidents. Without these soap dishes, we might stumble upon soaps on the ground and end up slipping and bumping our heads. We don’t want that to happen.

12. Plants – Plants do beautify a place, including the bathroom. They also help reduce bad odor, and help you breathe more oxygen.

13. Urinals – We have male users of our bathroom, and we don’t want to waste water on toilets just to flush urine. It would be good to have urinals for the male.

14. Bathroom Cabinet – We have some other things to keep inside the bathroom like our toothbrush, shave, vitamins, medicine, and many more. It is important to have a cabinet inside the bathroom so that we keep these things safe and clean.
Still, the most important thing is to ensure that your bathroom fixtures were bought with the highest quality. We should always ensure quality so that our bathroom accessories would last very long.