Bathroom Flooring

Choosing the Right Bathroom Flooring

When choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom, you will need to consider several things before deciding to settle on one material. Bathroom flooring is as essential as any other flooring throughout the entire house. The bathroom is where we relax and rejuvenate after several long hours of work. Hence, for us to fully enjoy our hot shower or that fragrant dip in the tub, we need to make everything inside the bathroom truly clean and calming.

Many materials qualify as the perfect bathroom flooring. However, one of the most important factor you will need to consider is the durability of the material. Bathrooms are, perhaps, the most damp and steamy place in the house. Not every flooring material will work for a place like this. Hence, you will need to find the most suitable material that can sustain all the dashes and splashes in the bathroom.

The most common flooring options, like carpet, wood and laminate just won’t work in the bathroom. They are likely to absorb water and result in raising parts and surfaces. The most conventional materials frequently used for bathroom flooring projects are bamboo, vinyl, rubber, tiles, stone and linoleum.

Ceramic tiles have been the traditional choice for use in the bathroom floors. However, through the years, more and more materials have been used by curious designers, of which they proved as effective as the traditional ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain, not to mention its easy – on – the – pocket costs. Porcelain tiles have also become one among the traditional choices. It is, however, thicker and sturdier than ceramic tiles, which make it harder to cut during the installation process. Porcelain tiles are also very easy to maintain. Just washing with detergent with light scrubbing and you will already have a good – as – new tile floor.

Glass tiles is also fast becoming a trend in the remodelling industry. Glass for bathroom floors? Yes, why not? Glass tiles are not only great on walls and countertops, but are also fabulous on bathroom floors. Well, the bathroom doesn’t get that much traffic compared to the floors on the other areas of the home; hence, it is just so safe for homeowners to use this. The chic, elegant glass tiles are colored with different shades to match the theme of the bathroom. Glass is resistant to moisture, making it just the perfect material. It is also not a big problem in terms of the installation. In installing glass tiles, you are just like installing the usual ceramic and porcelain tiles, except of course, that you will have to do it with greater care. Glass tiles make a perfect bathroom flooring because it is very easy to clean and maintain.

There are also pebble tiles already being used as bathroom flooring. They are very unique and classy materials, which can make give your bathroom a Zen atmosphere. The natural look it brings to the bathroom also makes it great for rejuvenation and relaxation you are looking for in a bathroom.