Bathroom Furniture

Furniture are often items found in and around the house and are usually used to make the area or space habitable or fit to live in. While you may not be living in your bathroom, you do get to use it at least once a day, hence the inclusion of the bathroom as one of the rooms that do require some furnishings.

Bathroom furniture, like any other furniture used anywhere else in the house or office, serve certain purposes. From being plain decorative to fully functional, bathroom furniture come in various types, sizes and styles, depending upon the purpose for their being. Bathroom furniture include the basic vanity tables, towel cabinets and multi-purpose racks.

Vanity tables are those tables that have a built in mirror, and are sometimes called dressing tables. The term vanity table can also be used for the counter-top of bathroom sinks. This kind on bathroom furniture is usually used for vanity purposes, as the name denotes, like putting on make-up and other such beautifying activities.




bathroom fansTowel cabinets or even simple bathroom cabinets often serve the purpose of holding bathroom essentials within it, thereby keeping bathroom clutter to a minimum. Usually, these cabinets hold extra soap, shampoo, other toiletry items as well as towels and perfumeries for the bathroom user's usage. Some bathroom cabinets also have tops that can be used to place an additional light source on, like a desk lamp, or an accessory, like a plant or vase of flowers.

Multi-purpose racks also come into the bathroom with multiple purposes for usage, as the word multi in its name seems to connote. These racks, often built using rust-free or rust inhibited materials, are often used as shampoo and soap holders, towel holders and even as a magazine and book rack, for those who love to read while addressing the call of nature. These racks are usually found standing right behind the toilet with its rather tall leg clearance skirting the top of the toilet bowl's water receptacle.

Laundry baskets or hampers are also making their way into the bathroom from their usual spot in the bedroom, since most people do undress in the bathroom before taking a shower or taking a dip in the tub.

While these are the most common types of furniture found in bathrooms, other furnishings may also be used to enhance your personal bathroom areas. Some of the more popular choices for optional bathroom furnishings include the sofa, armchair, chaise lounges and small tables.

These furnishings may not be directly associated with bathroom usage, but with the birth of designer type bathrooms and people copying spa-oriented styling into their own powder rooms, the incorporation of such furniture into the bathroom is becoming a fast trend.

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Bathroom furniture need not offer only functionality to the home-owner, but rather, offers some design elements to help enhance the room's ambiance as well. Choices in colors, designs and even materials used in these items can be made to fit the present motif of your bathroom or to change it from a drab and dapper place into one with style.

Materials available for these furnishings runs the gamut from wicker to marble as well as metal types like aluminum and stainless steel. Depending on what you want your bathroom to look like or even what atmosphere you want to generate in it, your choice of furnishings may help create the effect you are trying to achieve or veer from it. Such choices need to be made with some planning and consideration, since these things may cost a pretty penny.


Another consideration in choosing furniture for the bathroom would be their capacity to hold up against moisture. Bathrooms do come with a lot of moisture and while bathroom fans or exhaust systems can take care of this to a certain degree, some wetness cannot be altogether avoided from affecting these things. Wicker and wood as well as any other porous material may warp or rot, if not treated properly with moisture inhibiting chemicals during production.

They could also produce unwanted musty smells should excess moisture be trapped in them. Metal based items, too, have to be chosen to withstand rusting, which is another side-effect of moisture. Stainless steel items and plastic coated metal racks are the most suitable for these items, due to their anti-corrosive nature.

While plastic-coated materials can withstand deterioration to a certain extent and period of time, they do have a certain life expectancy to them since constant usage can thin the plastic coating and eventually rust the metal underneath.

Bathroom furniture may not be given much consideration when it comes to the basic needs of a bathroom, but having them in one can help make the experience of being in a bathroom a bit more pleasant if not enjoyable to the senses as well as to your general well-being.

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