Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom light fixtures come in so many different styles, motifs, sizes and shapes. They are also distinguishable by their placement in the room and function. For example, if a bathroom light fixture is to be used for general lighting purposes, these are usually ceiling mounted. Wall mounted lighting fixtures offer additional décor and appeal to a room with the rather stylistic choices and designs available in the market. Chandelier type lights, which belongs to ceiling mounted family of lighting, add a certain touch of elegance to bathrooms along with the illumination it brings with it.

While most of us are content with the simple and sometimes boring bathroom light fixtures currently installed in our homes, a little change and some radical choices in alternative and contemporary designs could spell the difference between a plain bathroom and one with a little pizazz.


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People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the current light fixtures installed in their powder rooms are enough. Sometimes, though, some of the things we do on a daily basis need certain lighting requirements that we did not know we needed. Take for example, putting on make up.


Women often do this in the bathroom in front of the bathroom mirror. Making do with the lighting options currently installed in your bathroom can sometimes do more bad than good when doing this since inappropriate lighting can create unwanted shadows and angles which in turn makes the person apply make-up in an unflattering manner.


A simple change or upgrade in bathroom light fixtures can also mean the difference between a cleaner shave and a better washed as well as a skillfully painted face.

bathroom lightsAvailable bathroom light fixtures come in choices of styles that include art deco, contemporary, rustic and traditional, among others. Finishes for these designs may include brass, bronze, gold-plated and black as well a few more options, depending on the brand or manufacturer.

Bulbs for these also range from the more common florescent to the brighter halogen types. The prices of bathroom light fixtures vary as well, depending on a lot of factors, which may include brand, design and type and could go for as low as $25.00 to as high as $2000.00 per fixture.

One of the most common lighting fixtures, for in and outside of the bathroom, is the ceiling mounted type. Ceiling mounted lighting may include choices from simple to ornate.

The simplest possible ceiling mounted bathroom light fixture you can find would probably be an ordinary florescent tube with or without cover. While this may provide the bathroom user with enough light to do what they need to do in the bathroom, it does not do much by way of beautification or add anything to the atmosphere of the room.

A way to spice up your powder room or bathroom would be to install better ceiling lighting. Prime examples of beautiful ceiling mounted bathroom light fixtures are pendants, mini-pendants and chandelier types. The most ornate of the bunch would most probably be the chandelier and is often also the more pricey kind of bathroom light fixture available.

Bathroom chandeliers, like their other namesakes used in other parts of the house, often consists of multiple lighting units or bulbs, branching supports and, depending upon its design or how ornate it is, other decorative features like crystals and valance style elements.

Another possible choice for ceiling mounted lighting would be the more modern track lighting or monorail lighting. Consisting of multiple bulbs that run along a set metal track, this design, however is simple yet still stylish. The individual bulbs may also be moved along this track and rotated as you please to create the effect you would want to achieve for your bathroom.


Aside from the ceiling mounted types of bathroom light fixtures, wall mounted and even floor lamp types of lighting can be used to enhance the appearance of your personal space. Wall mounted fixtures also come in different motifs and finishes, from simple wall sconces to more elaborate torchiers and even wall mini-chandeliers. These light fixtures can also add quite a bit of brightness to a room, although it does sometimes pale in comparison to a ceiling mounted fixture's illuminating capacity.

Wall light fixtures are usually mounted beside or above the bathroom mirror, depending on the fixture's configuration or model. Most wall sconces, when used as individual units, are attached on both sides of the bathroom mirror. When placed in a single line of three or more, however, this can now be called a vanity light bar and is usually placed above the reflective bathroom appliance.

A floor lamp, as the name denotes, is a floor mounted or more accurately, an independent light source that stands on its own built-in footing. Floor lamps usually have tall, tube-like bodies and are sometimes as tall as a person. This light fixture may also have multiple branching lights or a single bulb, depending on the home-owner's taste and specifications.

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