Bathroom Tiles

The most popular and the favorite tile to use in a bathroom is ceramic tile. Ceramic is a material that is made of clay and fired in a kiln to make the tile. It was first used as wall time by the ancient Mesopotamians who perfected the art of making ceramic tile. The use of ceramic tile did not reach Europe or the Americas until sometime in the sixteenth century. Today it is the favored material for tiling the walls and floors as well as the countertops in bathrooms.

Ceramic tiles come in different shapes and sizes so that they can be used in various places in the bathroom and in various patterns and styles. However, there are other tiles that are also used in the bathroom and they are:

• Glass subway tiles, which were first used in the New York subways and graduated to being used in the home. Glass subway tiles come in many shaped and sizes also and are easy to clean and maintain;
• Granite tiles are natural stone and first used by the ancient Egyptians as floor tiles in their homes. Granite comes in many beautiful colors and is conducive to use on countertops, floors and walls.
• Travertine tiles are used also for the bathroom floors, walls or countertops and are also easy to maintain. However, Travertine tiles are best used if you want a neutral look.
• French Roof Tiles are an interesting concept in bathroom tiles. They come in neutral colors and are a great conversation piece for your bathroom floor.
• Linoleum tile is good if you are looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your bathroom. Linoleum tiles come in a variety of patterns and colors. They are easy to maintain and to clean.
• Hardwood tiles which are the oldest form of flooring there is available for the home. They are easy to clean but need periodic maintenance.
• Concrete tiles are easy to maintain and can be stained in any color
• Cork tiles are easily cleaned and maintained and are soft and resilient.
• Laminate tiles are made to look like hardwood floors and are easy to clean and practically maintenance free.
• Marble tiles are easy to care for using stone maintenance and they too come in many colors.
• Porcelain tiles like the ceramic and glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain. They come in many sizes and colors.
• Vinyl tiles are something we are all familiar with. The first kind of tile to come into out homes and still being used.

As you can see, there are many styles and types of tiles that can be used in the bathroom, either as flooring or on the counter tops or walls. They can be used in combination with other tiles or by themselves in different patterns, styles and color combinations. All you need is to have a good bathroom design and choose one of the available tile options to renew, or renovate your old bathroom or build a new bathroom.