If in case you decide to renovate your bathroom and make some changes, it will be a fun and exciting moment. Now is the time to be creative and inventive and choose the bathtub of your choice. The available variety of bathtubs; fixtures and accessories are amazing. Countless options are available for your bathtub needs. Technology has made it possible for various bathroom fixtures to upgrade every moment. You’ll be finding yourself wanting a new product every month. That is not necessarily bad if you have a big budget, but if you have middle class income, you better think before you go spending on every new model of bathtubs available or else, you’ll find yourself seating on the hot seat, faced with financial problems.

BathtubOne of the best things to consider when renovating your bathroom is installing a bathtub. Not the typical, scary type of bathtub, but an elegant one. But before you do so, try searching for bathtub reviews for different manufacturers on the internet. You can find detailed information about bathtubs on the net making it easier for you to decide.

Before deciding to install a bathtub, you must first choose a bathtub type. It is important to make such decisions first because it is necessary to make accurate measurements on the area where you would place the bathtub to avoid mistakes. Mistakes could spell disaster, painful in the head as well as in the pocket.

The bathtub is basically made of different types of materials, here is some examples:
Fiberglass bathtub – This material is lightweight making the bathtub easy to carry and install. The disadvantage of using this type of bathtub is it can be easily scratched.
Solid Acrylic – it is tougher than fiberglass and a bit more expensive. But most manufacturers prefer to use acrylic in molding whirlpool tubs because of its pliable characteristics.
Cast iron bathtub – these are the toughest of all types of bathtubs. It is made out of cast iron and coated with porcelain. It is very heavy and could last for hundreds of years. This is a very expensive bathtub.

Bathtubs are your perfect get away. After a long day at work, dipping yourself into a warm bathtub helps in relieving stress. Cleaning it on the other hand requires gentle methods. The surface of a bathtub is non – porous so therefore you must not use abrasive cleaners and strong acids. This would ruin the coating of your bathtub and will make it look ugly. Also bathtub mats with suction is a big no-no for bathtubs. It would suck out its coating, you should definitely avoid this. Waxing your bathtub is a good thing to do. It’s the same as waxing your cars; it gives the outside coating a lasting shine and will help in prolonging that brand new look on your bath tub. Wax your tub every 6 months using urethane polish that are available in auto stores. Buff it with a soft cloth for that added shine and gleam. Your bathtub will look good in no time.