Designer Bathrooms

  Designer bathrooms or Luxury bathrooms often brings visions of grandeur and opulence, and rightfully so. These highly upgraded versions of your common, everyday powder room also come with a rather hefty price, what with all the add-ons and accessories these bathroom suites have.

Built with comfort and utmost relaxation in mind, designer bathrooms have been likened to commercial spas or retreats that offer a diverse range of relaxing activities and surroundings.

bathroom accessoriesMost designer bathrooms are remodeled by just that, a designer. These highly paid experts know how to create an oasis of relaxation in the comfort of your own home by incorporating elements that are usually found in expensive day spas and first class hotel rooms into your traditionally functioning bathroom.

These luxuriously appointed rooms receive a major make-over, both in the hardware installed and in the décor. Some of the installations may or may not include new bathtubs, showers, heated flooring and stylized toilets and sinks.

The bathtubs available for this remodeling feat may belong to either the traditional or the contemporary, with other options that include the replacement of the bathtub with a more expensive yet obviously indulgent whirlpool bath. These bathtubs are also classified according to their general design with the four basic ones being the stand-alone, Victorian, built-in and the air baths.

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Showers have been also given certain upgrades to crossover from the merely functional to the extravagant with the new jet massage shower-head types and new shower cubicles in plexi-glass or toughened safety glass for added safeness. These new showers now employ thermostatic control as well as pressure control plus a precautionary anti-scalding protection to keep water temperatures from getting too hot. Shower cubicles also come in various designs with certain rust-proof metallic décor like chrome and aluminum to give them a futuristic feel.

bathrooms and showersThe addition of other technologically upgraded fixtures can make the luxury bathroom live up to its name all the more. This may include one or all of the current heated fixtures available to the discerning bathroom owner.

You can opt for a heated floor, a heated defogging mirror and even a heated towel rack to keep your fluffy towels toasty warm when you use them to dry yourself off after your relaxing dip in your whirlpool tub or your massage-like stint in your jet-shower cubicle.

The heated floor installation keeps your bathroom floor tiles warm under your feet with the use of a heating floor mat that is installed under the tiles of your bathroom floor.

The designer bathroom is not only based on the hardware change or upgrade, but also on what else is added to make the bathroom a total relaxation haven. The overall feel of luxury can be achieved by the other supplementary items added to the room. These may include, among others, carpeting in some areas of the bathroom, furniture like chaise lounges and sofas, extravagant lighting like chandeliers and elegant lighting fixtures and optional changes to the paint and overall motif of the bathroom.


Having a designer bathroom, however, need not be only for the loaded. With a little innovativeness and some elbow grease, you too can have your own faux designer bathroom at a fraction of the price.

You first choose a color scheme to build around, and from there, you collect the basic components you think will slowly make your bathroom seem luxurious and opulent. A few tips to make your bathroom seem more elegant that it is include just some simple everyday bathroom and non bathroom items used in a different way that it normally is used. For example, try hanging your towels on a longer rod used for curtains instead of the short and simple towel rack.

Choose curtain rods that have decorative ends to make it look more festive and expensive-looking. You can also opt to roll up your towels in the fashion of day-spas or hotel bathrooms where they pile them up like logs on a small decorative table with a vase with flowers or a lace table runner.


Another tip you can capitalize on is adding fresh flowers or live plants in key spots around your bathroom to freshen it up. Plants also serve a double purpose by being a possible decorative tool as well as a natural deodorizer that converts stale air into fresh oxygen through photosynthesis.

For a more feminine approach, you can take vintage perfume bottles and decanters filled with lightly colored water and place them on a wooden tray in a becoming manner. Add a small basket or decorative tin of sweet smelling potpourri and some different sized candles in the color scheme you chose in the same tray.

Place the tray near the foot of your bathtub or on you sink counter-top to give the spa-like impression most expensive luxury bathrooms have. These small improvements may not equal the real thing but will give you just as much feel good energy without making a huge dent in your pocket.

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