Small Bathroom

What To Do With A Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are found in small apartments, or as guest bathrooms in larger homes. No matter where they are found they are not the easiest to clean, move around in, or to decorate to make them look larger. The space is so limited you can only have the bare necessities in them. But there are ways to make that small bathroom more comfortable and to look more updated and interesting.

Starting with the sink in your small bathroom, look at the size. It is probably the same kind of standard size sink you would find in a larger bathroom, making it look big and bulky in your small bathroom, and because of its size, hard to get around. In order to make the bathroom appear bigger you may want to replace the existing sink with a pedestal sink. The pedestal sink has the same bowl size but has more room around it. .

small bathroomIf you have a standard shower stall, replace it with a corner shower stall, and one that is clear or opaque rather than totally enclosed with designs or colors that you cannot see through. The openness of a clear shower stall will make the room appear larger also, as it will not close the room off with a lot of design. A shower stall with a lot of color and design makes the shower stall look like a wall.

In order to make the room look updated use streamline modern lighting. Use bright but light colors as it will give the small bathroom not only a larger look but a cleaner look. To add to that clean look use tile on the walls and on the floors.

Little frills and knick knacks are fine in a large bathroom, but not in a small one. These little trinkets and frills only make the small bathroom look cluttered, so avoid their use.

Mirrors strategically placed in certain parts of the small bathroom will make it look larger. If the room is narrow and long than place the mirrors at the side walls to make the bathroom appear wider. if the room is short. then place the mirrors at each end to make the room look longer. Mirrors are a great way to make any room look larger if the mirrors are placed properly. .

If you are totally redoing the small bathroom start by measuring your existing appliances before going out to shop, and when you buy the new appliances measure them while you are at the store, to be sure they are smaller. Smaller appliances can be purchased from home improvement stores that cater to small trailer or other mobile home’s or cabin, small bathrooms. These smaller appliances are functional and fit so much better than the standard appliances.

There is certainly nothing you can do about the actual size of the bathroom but, with careful planning, smaller size appliances, modern lighting, light colors, tile, mirrors, and no frills your existing small bathroom will appear larger and be more comfortable to get around in.