Small Bathroom Designs

One of the most important parts of a house, much more important than the bedroom is the bathroom and there are loads of types of bathroom, depending on the house model or depending on the space of the house. Bathrooms are our favorite place to retreat after work or after a stressful day and it is also the first place we go to in the morning before we face the world. There are different kinds of bathrooms, some are small, consists of a toilet bowl and shower only and some are large enough to place a sports car inside it.

People with small bathrooms neglect the idea of a bathroom design. They don’t bother redesigning their bathrooms since they are small but this is a wrong concept. There are several Small Bathroom Designs that you could choose from, all in favor of your small bathroom. Just because your bathroom is small that doesn’t mean that there is no way in the world that you could design to make the most out of it in fact, there are several methods and factors that would affect the interior design of your small bathroom. Size is not a factor for bathroom designs and it is also an essential factor in modern homes. Listen closely as we explain things further.

There are lots of things that you could do to maximize your small bathroom. Here are some Small Bathroom Designs that would make it look better.

  1. Use Less Mirrors – mirrors can give your bathroom an illusion of being spacious but put too many of them on your small bathroom would do the opposite. It is enough to place one mirror on your bathroom, one regular sized mirror would do.
  2. Wall Mounted Stuff – keep things floating if possible. Try to use wall – mounted sinks to save floor space. Same goes with cupboards, get the one that is mounted on the wall.
  3. Use the door - Small Bathroom Designs would require you to utilize the door. Most often we forget that we have a door and we could use it to hang things. So instead of placing some stuff on the wall, pace it on the door. Towels and Clothes hanger and other stuff. Just make sure your door is strong enough.
  4. Shower Screens – in small bathrooms, it is more sensible to use collapsible shower screens, either folder or sliding collapsible shower screens would do. You could also use curtains for the division.
  5. Light – this is indeed an important factor. Your small bathroom should have a regular sized window to allow natural light inside. It makes the bathroom look spacious, but don’t overdo it or else.

Guidelines for Small Bathroom Designs

Small and deep bathtubs are the best for small bathrooms since they eat up little space. Installing wall mounted sinks or pedestal sinks would help as well. One tip for installing windows is placing them near the ceiling so you could utilize the wall beneath it. Another option for doors is using sliding doors to save space and you should use lighter and softer tones for your bathroom colors.